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Counseling at a distance

What is it?

Counselors at Le Jardin Academy use Zoom and Google’s Hangouts Meet to provide telehealth services to students. Both platforms are free, easy to use, and configured to be HIPAA compliant*.

Zoom and Meet enable students to interact with counselors in much the same way as when attending a meeting in the office. Students can schedule meetings with a counselor through Calendly or email. 

Who can use this service?

Online counseling is available for all secondary school students. Online counseling can be particularly helpful for students that have difficulty meeting in person either through distance, mobility problems, privacy, health concerns, or a busy schedule.

Common challenges such as sadness, worry, stress, anger, transition, and relationship concerns can all be worked with through online counseling.

Online counseling is NOT appropriate where a person's life may be in danger through suicide or severe and enduring presentations that require ongoing support. See below for resources that provide immediate help.

How to use online counseling?

You will need Internet broadband and a computer with camera and audio capabilities. Smart phones and tablets can also be used. The quality of the call will depend on the device and the speed of your Internet connection.

To schedule a Meet with Mr Landau, click here.

To schedule a Meet with Mrs Osborne, click here.

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