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Referral Process Overview

Why, When and How

Why should I refer a student to a counselor?

• Provides students with more individualized support and intervention

• Increases specificity of interventions and tailors supportive efforts to students

• Increases privacy for students

• Allows for students to be removed from the situation or circumstance to begin solution-focused discussions

• Can reduce anxiety and pressure on students

• Allows for students to have the complete attention of an adult

• Allows teachers to continue teaching the rest of the class

When should I refer a student to a counselor?

• Behavioral and/or Emotional Outbursts (i.e., When a student is emotionally overwhelmed and cannot calm down in an appropriate/brief amount of time)

• When a student's behavioral/emotional concerns are greater than those the teacher can support in the classroom setting

• When a student says that he/she requires more support and attention to address or solve a problem, issues, etc.

• When a student says he/she needs more specific and individualized help, solutions, and plans to address issues

How do I refer a student to a counselor?

• Counselor referrals may be planned, more spontaneous, and/or immediate

• For individualized student planning, please remind students to go to the GET CONNECTED page to select a day or days and time(s) to meet with the counselor

• For planned referrals, please complete a referral form and a counselor will respond accordingly to the concern

• For immediate referrals, please email sean.landau or

call 808 261 0707 EXT. 2324

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