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Peer Educators

Who we are and what we do

What is peer education? 


The peer education program provides an opportunity for students to promote positive lifestyle choices among fellow students as well as sharpen, practice, and develop professional skills. A peer educator is a student who is trained to facilitate the raising of awareness, the learning of knowledge, and change of behavior concerning health and wellbeing. Peer educators are trained over the course or the year under the supervision of the school counseling department in areas such as mediation, mindfulness and mentoring.

What peer educators do?

After training, peer educators will facilitate relaxed, informative, and interactive programs on a variety of health-related topics ranging from healthy sexuality to alcohol and drug abuse prevention. These programs will be presented to individuals, small groups and/or larger assemblies. These presentations are offered either upon request or those that the peer educator has solicited on his/her/their own.

How to become a peer educator?

All LJA secondary students are welcome to apply to become a peer educator. Please aware that becoming a peer educator requires students to complete all training sessions before becoming qualified as a peer educator. Apply here

Reasons to be a peer educator

  • Be happier and healthier

  • Become certified in peer education

  • Build a resume through leadership opportunities

  • Become a role model

  • Gain confidence, leadership skills, and presentation experience

  • Gain experience in mediation, mindfulness and mentoring skills

What peer educators DON'T do?

Peer educators are not:

  • A counselor or therapist. A peer educator is trained to provide factual information. He/she/they are not trained to help others overcome life's difficult challenges by providing suggestions or intensive therapy. While a peer educator may be a great listener, being a counselor or therapist requires many more skills and much more training.

  • A health professional. A peer educator may have more training and knowledge than other students but may not necessarily possess the background and training needed to serve as an exercise consultant, nutritionist, or other health professional.

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