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  • How does it work? 

    • ​The aim of online counseling is to provide you with support in the same way as attending a physical meeting.

    • Through Skype you will be able to interact with the counselor in much the same way as when attending a meeting in the office. Instead of arriving for an appointment in the counseling office, simply click "Call" or "Chat" to talk with the counselor from a personal place of comfort.

    • To add the counselor to your Skype Contacts follow these instructions:

      • Go to 'Contacts'.​

      • Select the add contact icon or click directly in the search text box and type ''. Then click     'Search Skype'.

      • Select 'Sean (COUNSELOR) Landau' from the search results and click 'Add to Contacts'.

      • *Optional: Type a quick note to introduce yourself and then click 'Send'.

    • *Subject to availability (Select a date and time for online counseling here).

  • Who is it useful for? 

    • Online counseling is convenient for students that have difficulty meeting in person either through distance, mobility problems, privacy concerns, or a busy schedule.

    • Common challenges such as sadness, worry, stress, anger, relationships and sexual concerns can all be worked with through online counseling.

    • Online counseling is not appropriate where a person's life may be in danger through suicide or severe and enduring presentations that require ongoing support.

  • What will you need? 

    • You will need Internet broadband and a computer with camera and audio capabilities. Smart phones and tablets can also be used. The quality of the call will depend on the device and the speed of your Internet connection.

    • Skype is a free software application, which you can download on your laptop, tablet and/or smartphone.

    • You will also need to secure a private space where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the meeting.

    • Download Skype to your computer here.

    • Download Skype to your phone here.

  • Advantages 

    • Convenient. Easy access, fast and flexible. You can do it when you want and where you want.

    • Particularly beneficial for those who have a busy schedule.

    • Enables the possibility for a greater sense of anonymity.

    • For those who are uncomfortable with face-to-face counseling, online counseling can be a good introduction to the experience.

  • Limitations 

    • Non-verbal, body language communication cues can be missed. The counselor may need to ask more clarifying questions.

    • Speed and comfort with technology can influence the effectiveness of using this service.

    • Technical difficulties can cause delays and breaks in communication.

    • Skype is not currently HIPPA-compliant.

  • What is the verdict? 

    • There’s no denying the convenience offered by online video conferencing services like Skype. However, it is important that you consider the potential consequences of poor privacy standards as they can vastly outweigh the convenience of distance counseling.

    • Therefore, please consider the limitations before sharing personal information via Skype.

    • Explore HIPPA-compliant telecommunication alternatives, here.

Things to consider before using Online Counseling Services:

Online Counseling: Skype

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