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Referral Process Overview

Why, When and How

Why is my child being referred to the school counselor?

Seeing the counselor may seem like a mysterious process, but it does not need to be. Hearing that your child is visiting with the counselor may bring up questions like, "What is wrong with my child?" To be clear, seeing the counselor does not mean something is wrong with a student. Instead, counseling should be viewed as a positive opportunity whereby students can cultivate personal and/or social skills that contribute to becoming successful IB learners.

When would my child be referred for external counseling support?

Students may be referred for external counseling support when more extensive evaluation, testing and/or medication is needed; When a student’s needs are greater than those the counselor can provide in the school setting; When a student needs more privacy than a counselor can provide in a school setting.

How do counselor referrals work?

To meet with the counselor, students can self-refer or be referred by peers, faculty members, and/or parent/guardian(s). When a referral is received, the counselor will meet with the student to determine if external support is required. If required, the counselor can provide a list of current names of service providers that students can connect with. Once a relationship is established, it is highly recommended that the service providers collaborate with the counselors at Le Jardin Academy to coordinate support for the student.

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